Dr. Hannes Dreyer:

Milestones as a property investor

First residential property in 1982
First commercial (Retail and Offices) property in 1987
First block of flats in 1991
First township development in 1994
First commercial property development in 1995
Developed the Property Pro Software in 2000
Certified Estate Agent in 2002 (not practising)
Developed the Property Pro Workshop in 2002 to teach others my methods
www.propertyschool.co.za in 2002
Certified Business Broker Realtor in 2002 (not practising)
Developed Property Pro Basic course 2004
Bought 48 properties for free in 94 days (to prove a point - because students said it could not be done)
Increased passive property portfolio by more than R100 000 per month in less than 100 days
Did Masters thesis on "Residential Property as an Investment Instrument".
Developed the Advanced Property Investors Course 2005

Milestones as an Entrepreneur

Started first business at the age of 10 years
Numerous start up ventures
Wrote an advertisement in less than 30 minutes that has made more than R18 million
Started a business with less than R 1 000 and turned it into a business generating more than R10 million per year
Started a business with R0 (to prove a point to a sceptic friend) and made more than R50 000 net Profit on the first day of trading.
The first business in the "mentors program" made more than R128 000 net the first day
Became a "Virtual Millionaire" in a single day.
Turned 79 cents into more than R1 000 000 in less than 40 weeks – showing the results weekly on the internet.
Developed the Wealth Pro Program – a unique financial software tool that will revolutionize the way people do their own financial planning.

PhD (Cum laude).
Did his Doctoral Thesis on “Applying the Formula For Wealth Creation in Developing Entrepreneurs and Investors”

Milestones as a Wealth Creator.

During the first 40 weeks

Started three new profit generating businesses.
Turned 79 cents into more than R1 000 000 – showing the results weekly on the internet.
Built a passive income (before Tax) of more than R100 000 per month (Excluding the Mentoring fees)
Donated more than R315 000 to the Pretoria School of Cerebral Palsy Children as part of his R1 000 000 pledge over five year period.
Bought two properties
Developed the BOSS Financial Calculator Suite
Developed the following websites









Milestones as an Author

The Seven Laws of a Property Investor.
Property – The Road to Riches.
Wealth – A Technical Approach
The Art Of Selling Is Never To Sell
The Basics of Property Investments
Trust for the Entrepreneur
The Amazing Formula for Wealth Creation

Milestones as Financial Planner

Started career as an insurance agent for Old Mutual in 1982
Joined Volkskas as a broker in 1987
Top-10 Volkskas broker two years in a row
Passed the Institute of Life and Pension Advisors exams (ILPA) in 1988
Admitted as a Fellow of the institute of Life and Pension Advisors (FILPA in 1989)
Certified Financial Planner (CFP™) and admitted as a Fellow of the international affiliated Financial Planning Institute – (non practising)
Initiated the Volkskas Corporate Brokers concept
Became an independent broker in 1991
Accredited Life Underwriter of South Africa (ALSA) in 1995
MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table - only top 6% of insurance brokers and agents worldwide qualify for this prestigious award) 1994 -1998
COT (Court of the Table - the top 1% in the world qualify for this award) in 1995
TOT (Top of the Table - only the top .01% in the world qualify for this award. This is the top 1% of the COT's qualifiers) in 1995
Top 25 in South Africa for several years
Holds numerous International Quality Awards and has received top production and quality awards as a broker with companies such as Old Mutual, Sanlam, Momentum, Liberty, Fedsure Life and others
Certified Financial Planner (Not practising)
Independent and creative risk manager (Not practising)
Business consultant and coach (Not practising)
Entrepreneur, Public speaker, teacher and author
Developed several software programs on property investment, financial planning and unit trust investments

Biggest business learning experience

Started two financial services businesses in one year that ran a loss of more than 4 mil within the first eighteen months.
Turned those businesses single-handedly into profitable businesses after all "experts" advised that it would be better to liquidate the business because there was no chance of reviving them.

Current challenge

A mentor program to "mentor" people on investing less than R 1 000 and converting it into more than R 10 million net (Assets - Liabilities) in less than five years.
To build a database of 100 000 before the 1st November 2006

Passionate about

Wife Tanja – married for 23 years and enjoyed every moment of it
Beautiful daughters Karla and Lara
Teaching people how to become Wealth Creators, by using experience and knowledge of property, business, entrepreneurship and financial planning
Devising new ways of turning the world upside down and challenging the prehistoric dynasty of teaching methods
Actively involved in raising funds for the Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Children
Life and living it.


Flying helicopters
Scuba diving
Cycads and nature.