Is it possible to invest less than R1 000.00 and convert that into R 10 000 000.00 in less than 5 years?

To become a successful entrepreneur is a life long journey. The advertising slogan "life is a journey, enjoy the ride" is more true than we would like to admit.
The way I see it is that riches, happiness and success are no accidents. They do not happen and voila - I am a rich, happy and successful person. They are the result of a person's timely, organized and faithful application of specific strategies, techniques, attitude and formulas.
Success begins when a person carefully evaluates step by step his attitude, strategies, techniques and formulas in order to outline a game plan to get the riches, happiness and success that he wants.
My attitude, strategies, techniques and formulas are incorporated in The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation™ that I use to help me on my road to financial success.
The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation has four pillars on which my life is based and they are:
  • Formula For Riches,
  • Eight Laws of a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Mercedes Principle and my
  • Entrepreneur Accelerator.

    To prove that my system really works I have set a challenge for myself and that is to invest less than R1000 in total and convert it into more than R10 million in less than 5 years. At the same time I will publish my audited financial progress in real time on the Internet so that the whole world can see how I am doing.

    If you want to you can join, I'll be happy to be your "mentor". I will teach you how I am going to reach my goals, what I am going to do and how I will go about achieving these goals.

    Before you embark on this educational adventure I believe you should know that my purpose for sharing The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation with you is to show you how to become a successful entrepreneur. It is not to help you accumulate abundant wealth. It is to help you live your life abundantly.

    Let me explain.

    The final value of our lives will not be measured by the things we can accumulate...it will be measured by how we use our time, money and God-given talents to help other people as we make our journey through life.

    This "mentoring process" is intended to empower you to live a wonderful life of pure abundance with the time and money you need and also to use your God-given talents to help others and to make the world a better place to live in.

    The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation is the dynamic process of using our time and money as wisely and effectively as possible. The biggest difference that I see between highly successful people and those that are struggling, are the ways that they manage their time and their money

    I consider myself to be successful. If you want to find out more about me you are welcome to read my CV. I am blessed to have achieved more than what the average person will achieve in their lifetime and I have achieved this because of The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation.

    There are only three things in life that we can really manage and that is
    • Ourselves – that is our talents, gifts, skills and opportunities
    • Our time and
    • Our money.
    You must take control of your life by managing yourself, your time and your money. This is what this "mentoring" is all about.

    What I want to do is to give you an insider's view on how I'm using my game plan to set the right attitude for my success and how I'm using my strategies, techniques and formulas in a game plan to get all the riches, happiness and success that I want. I also want to show you how to have fun in achieving your goals and how to achieve goals that most people will believe to be "impossible" to achieve.

    I am going to share with you, how easy it is to become an entrepreneur and an investor if you follow The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation. I believe that an entrepreneur does not have to take a lot of risks. You can start with very little money and convert that into a fortune.

    Personally I am going to invest less than R1000 of my own money (in total out of pocket expense) and I will show you how I am going to convert that into more than R10 million within a five year period. This will form the basis of this mentoring program.

    To see how I am doing on a month to month basis you can visit the website and have a look at my challenge.

    By following me in this challenge you will be able to witness first hand what I am doing and how I am doing it. You will share in my failures (to learn what not to do) and in my triumphs. In the process I will teach you everything that I know and that I have done that has worked for me. It's not my guarantee that you can do the same but I do know that if you apply what is applicable in your situation I think you can save a lot of time and money.

    The mentoring will be based on a practical and technical application. You will learn what financial structures are and how I am using them to reach my goals. You will learn how to establish these structures and how they work. You will learn how to optimize Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Donations Tax, VAT etc.

    At the same time I am going to share with you my secrets for time management, goal setting, advertising, selling and marketing. I will reveal to you my strategies on how to create wonderful ideas and businesses, how to use property as an investment and how I set my priorities, how I apply my values and qualities to live a balanced life, and I will reveal my strategy on how to get whatever I want. I will also show you how I create lasting changes and how to live a life of abundance?

    I use keys to achieve my goals. I have strategies for building relationships and even a strategy to focus - This is one of the most powerful tools there is and I am going to demonstrate in this mentoring course how I can use it to make more than R10 million starting with less than R1000.

    Do you know that there are principles for success? If you do not have these principles you will never be an entrepreneur and you will find it difficult if not impossible to become successful.

    What you are going to experience in this mentoring process may not conform to what you believe or what you have been taught.

    Life does not happen in isolation. There is a constant interaction between the different pillars of The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation. The trick is to holistically understand the application of the different segments (Pillars) and to learn how to apply these strategies, techniques and formulas to get the highest possible productivity in your life. The quickest way to learn is to copy someone that has already done it.

    When I started this challenge I had no preconceived idea of what I was going to do to achieve it. In fact at the moment I do not have any specific idea. But this is the fun part. I am going to create the ideas because I know how to and I am going to share the process with you.

    This is a practical real life experience. I will not have the time to review a textbook to see what I have to do or how I have to do it. If I make a mistake you will see the consequences. There is no right or wrong because there is no text book for what I want to accomplish. I am writing the text on a day to day basis.

    This is going to be fun. This is what being an entrepreneur is all about. The only guide that I will have is The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation System. Without a System it will be difficult if not impossible for me to reach my goals. The wonderful thing is that you can teach a system to anyone. The interpretation and application will vary from person to person, because no two people are the same. BUT THE RESULT WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME and that is to be able to lead a rich, happy and successful life, to live life to its fullest, to have the time to enjoy your money and the money to buy you time to enjoy the things that you love. Make the best of what you have and enjoy the ride.

    I will share with you how I apply my game plan to achieve my goals. At the same time I want this to be an educational journey for you.

    I would be honored if you would like to join me in the process. I would love to be your "mentor"

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    If you are uncertain as to whether or not you should join that is OK you'll still be able to follow my financial progress report. Have a look at this website from time to time to see how I am doing.

    I believe that this will be a most exciting way to learn and I hope that you will achieve each and every dream that you have.

    Warmest greetings
    Dr Hannes Dreyer
    Velle est posse