Initial investment: R 0.79 (seventy nine cents)
Current lesson: 265 (Week: 265)

Value as on 28 February 2007: R 10 067 179

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Goal on 2nd September 2004

My goal is to make more than R10 million in 5 years - by (1st November 2009) by investing less than R1000. (My total risk is therefore less than R1000)

By using this challenge I want to teach people through a mentoring process how Iím using the Amazing Formula For Wealth Creationô to reach my goals, and in the process I want to teach them how to become independent entrepreneurs and investors.

In the process of building this R10 million net Asset (Assets minus Liabilities) over the next 5 years I want to:
  • Start at least four successful new businesses without any risk. (the mentors businesses not included in the challenge)
  • Buy a minimum of twenty properties for "free".
  • Build passive income streams of more than R100 000 per month.
  • Donate a minimum of R1 Million to the Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsy Children
  • Give my students an insider's view of HOW I am going to do it. Step by step.
  • Share the Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation with my subscribers and show them how I'll use this system to achieve all of my goals and dreams. I have used this system to develop myself over the last twenty two years. The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation stands on four pillars and they are my:
    • Formula for riches
    • Eight laws of a successful entrepreneur
    • Mercedes Principle
    • Accelerator Strategy
  • Use only two asset classes to achieve my goal and that is business and property.
  • Use my wheel of life model to keep and create balance in my life.
  • Use all the resources and experience that I have accumulated over the last 22 years as a successful husband, father, friend, professional insurance broker, financial planner, business consultant, risk manager, businessman, coach, writer, teacher, property investor and entrepreneur to achieve this goal. In other words I am going to capitalize on my first law - invest in yourself first - I am going to use what I have learned over the last 22 years.
  • Teach my students my soft skills that have helped me to live a life of abundance like:
    • Selling.
    • Direct, One on One, Seminar etc
    • Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Time management
    • Self Motivation
    • Value and Qualities System
    • How I set priorities
    • How I manage relationships
    • Goal setting keys I use to achieving my goals
    • How I manage change
    • How I use the six basic needs to have a fulfilled life
    • And much much more

I will not use any existing security for any of the businesses or properties.

I will not include the subscription fees that I get for the mentoring process in the R10 million objective

This mentoring will not interfere with any of my existing businesses - in fact I will use the Accelerator Principe to synergize with all resources available to me and to improve the overall productivity of my other businesses as well.

I am going to have a lot of fun, while Iím learning Iíll enjoy the process. Join me and share in the Fun.