• Before I answer some of your questions I would like to clear up some loose ends...
  • The Mentorship has three objectives...
    I am going to tell you what I am going to do, how am going to do it and why I’ am doing it. You’ll experience everything with me, step by step.

    For security reasons some of the things that I am going to do I will not reveal before hand. But as soon as a decision is implemented I will make a diary available that I have documented during the process.

    I will give you a manual (documentation) – it will unfold as I implement the different strategies – It will contain all the technical stuff. If I relate to laws etc I will try to include them. You will receive this at least once a month.

    I will answer questions relating to what I am doing on a regular basis. The questions will be answered generically and not on a one to one basis.
  • Will the mentoring be in such a way that we will be able to apply it to ourselves, to go out and follow the same game plan and become rich?
  • Will I be able to follow (mimic) you and invest R1000 at the same time and also make R10 million? Can we also at the same time invest our R1000 and see it grow?? are able to setup your own company, because you know how...but I need to employ someone else in order to setup my company, as I have no idea how. My cost is going to be much higher than yours? Is the R1000 a monthly investment? If we join this program for 5 years will we have a reasonable chance to convert R1000 that we invested on 1 November 2004 to R10 million within the 5 year period? Will each student keep the money from the challenge after 5 years? I`m misunderstanding the challenge?
  • This R300 do I sign a contract and will the contract be for 5 Years?
  • Will this work for every man in the street, or is it just for someone with the same business contacts and opportunities as you? Do I need to do any of your previous courses before your exercise will be of benefit to me? You state that you will not stand security. Does this mean that you will start as a person with a R1000 surplus per month, but with no assets or finance to back you as security?
  • Will you take us step by step through every decision that you make, reveal the detail to us, and explain the reasoning behind every decision to us, before the decision is implemented and if you where to use special contacts will you reveal your contact to us, and allow us to use the same contact? Will you reveal all your information, knowledge and experience to us at no extra cost? (except for the R300/ month)
  • Would you be interested in receiving feedback from your students` experiences?
  • Would the businesses be in any field or mainly property?
  • Are you using this subscription service as one of your businesses?
  • The subscription fee seems a bit steep, especially if added up over 5 years (yes, I know the rewards will cover the investment many times!), would it be possible to reduce it a bit if more students are interested?
  • Can I get an invoice for the Mentors Program?
  • I am 4 weeks behind on the Mentor Program. How can we correct this so that I may have access the website info as soon as it is published?
  • What do I get for my subscription fee of R300 per month and will we as potential students have access to you to ask for advice, or will it remain an impersonal service?
  • Why do you need a copy of my ID document?
  • How does the Mentoring Program work?
  • How do I cancel my debit order?
  • I am currently living overseas not in South Africa. How do I pay via debit order?
  • How do I get the 30 day trial period for free?
  • What happens after I have subscribed and received my Password?
  • I am currently paying via debit order. I want to switch to the once off payment. How do I do that?
  • I do not want to sign a debit order. Why do I have to?
  • I am an active Member to the Mentoring Program. How can I change my e-mail address or personal information?
  • How do I subscribe?
  • Will my lessons be sent to me weekly or will I get a weekly e-mail reminder to say that my new lesson is available?
  • I am currently paying via debit order and I want to change to the once off. Can I deduct the debit order premiums I already paid from the once off payment?
  • On which subjects did Dr Hannes Dreyer do his Degrees thesis’s on?
  • I forgot my Password to Login, where can I get it?
  • I am currently paying via debit order and I have made the once off payment. What now?
  • When is the best time to cancel my debit order?
  • Why did you start the Mentoring Program?
  • What is the difference between the Mentoring Program and your other Workshops? Will I get the same information on both?
  • Will I get the Property Pro Computer Software with the Mentoring Program? If not, why do you keep it separate?
  • Will I be rich and successfull after the Mentoring Program?
  • Will I still be able to access my lessons if I cancel my subscription to the website?
  • Can you deduct my debit order on the 21st of each month?
  • May I share my lessons with my brother?
  • Is this the only Course you have? If not, where can I get information on your other Courses.
  • Do you have any special promotions?
  • What Seminars are you currently presenting?
  • I heard you have written a book on the “Formula For Riches”. Is the paperback version available yet and where can I buy it?
  • You have another Internet Course. Is it the same as this one?