Hamburgers with hot chocolate sauce!

The little boy took his place in the queue, in the middle of a group of older children chattering and laughing with excitement, enjoying the day. He dutifully lined up and walked down the line.

First he was given a cold drink, ice cream and chips. Then he was given a hamburger. But it was a chocolate fountain that fascinated him. He stood rooted to the spot, watching the chocolate pouring down. He took his hamburger and held it under the fountain. His eyes lit up as he watched the chocolate sauce pouring over the roll, the meat patty, and the slice of tomato. Then he headed off for his quiet corner, licking the chocolate drips off the side of the roll.

Then later he was given a present, carefully chosen for his age and brand, brand new. He got a big, shiny 4 X 4. He was so smitten with this that he had to be tapped gently on the shoulder to remind him that there was more to come. A few steps further down the line, he was given his own toothbrush and face cloth. It was almost too much to take in. He trotted off towards a quiet corner, his arms full, his mind set on taking a closer look at that shiny car, the first new present he had ever received.

It was the perfect day.

Hannes and I wanted to let you know how well the party went for the orphans on Sunday 19th November - thanks to all of you and Hein Von Landsberg and Thea Howze and their helpers too.

We received the kind of generous response that made it possible for us to really give these children a treat.

We were overwhelmed, but more importantly, so were the children. From babies in arms to 18 year olds, from AIDS orphans to street kids, to children from shelters for the abused, they were able to relax, be children again, have fun, and be creative with their food combinations.

Thank you to everyone who deposited money, delivered a present or came with us on the day to help. Thank you, too, to the people who may not have contributed this time, but who are helping elsewhere, and who thought of us.

We’re still adding up the final figures, but at the time of writing we had received almost R72 000, lots of presents and dozens of offers of help from volunteers. We were able to treat not only the children who were there, but also some who were disappointed because they were unable to come – we are arranging to deliver their presents to them. Ronel Van Den Berg an independent accountant will verify the figures for us.

The way Hannes and I see it, we cannot change the whole world, but we can and must make a difference one step at a time. And what we all did, thanks to your contributions, was to give these children a wonderful day, a day during which they came first, and had everything they could have wished for. From a brand new toy to some attention from an adult whose only reason for being there was to make them feel special.

What you give is what you receive. You made them feel special, so Hannes and I hope that you feel special. We wish you a Christmas that’s as exceptional as theirs was ... and may there be as much chocolate sauce as you could possibly want for your hamburger.
Best wishes!

Hannes and Tanja Dreyer, Lilo Kuhn, Netta Ellis and Kleintjie Van Der Merwe